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Computer World |
Using Title II is a "dramatic reversal of the light-touch regulatory policy that has seen the Internet flourish through the tenure of the past five FCC chairmen," says Doug Brake.
FierceWireless |
The IoT conversation in Washington is too focused on risks and concerns, and instead should be centered on how government can be an active partner in working with industry.
IDG News Service |
The FTC’s call for broad-based privacy legislation is an attempt to “shoehorn old ideas” onto a new technology.
Tech News World |
Google would bring its considerable expertise in networks and software, while Musk would figure out how to produce satellites at the best price, says Doug Brake.
Governing |
As data-driven services and programs have grown, so has the data disparity between the rich and the poor. |
Adams Nager discusses the true state of American manufacturing.
The President’s plan is good politics but bad policy, says Robert Atkinson.
Government Technology |
The new marvels of the world will be the metropolitan regions that utilize the Internet of Everything to create a more responsive community.
The Brink |
“Much of the growth that is being heralded as a renaissance is actually just a steady, cyclical recovery from the depths of the recession,” says Adams Nager.
South China Morning Post |
China’s poised to record the second-fastest growth, behind India, in the global ICT market this year.
Car and Driver |
ITIF’s Luddite Awards seek to highlight technology damaging policies.
Tech News World |
It's far from game over when it comes to net neutrality.
PanAm |
Argentina has the ninth highest ICT taxes in the world.
Ocala Star-Banner |
Florida ranked 25th in ITIF’s 2014 State New economy Index.
Government Technology |
“We’re moving from a discussion about open data for government transparency to open data having economic and social benefit,” says Daniel Castro.