Putting Numbers to DOD’s Clean Energy Innovation Endeavors

October 16, 2012

In March 2011, ITIF released Lean, Mean and Clean: Energy Innovation and the Department of Defense, a report detailing the ways in which DOD’s accredited and successful innovation ecosystem could be applied to the development of breakthroughs in clean energy technology. To expound further on these conclusions, ITIF – in conjunction with the Energy Innovation Tracker (EIT), a free and publicly accessible data source for federal investments in energy innovation – released a supplementary report: Lean, Mean and Clean II: Assessing DOD Investments in Clean Energy Innovation, which explores in detail the character of DOD’s investments in energy innovation by innovation stage, military branch, and technology. The report concludes that while all DOD investments are mission-oriented and are focused primarily on equipping and protecting the armed forces, commercial spillovers are plausible for advanced technologies with diverse applications.