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Sequestration Cuts to R&D Could Reduce U.S. GDP by Over $200 Billion

WASHINGTON (February 26, 2013) - The Sequester, which is scheduled to take effect March 1st, will lead to cuts in defense, education, social services and other areas. However, the most devastating, long-term effects from sequestration will be in innovation, and these could ultimately reduce U.S. GDP by over $200 billion per year.

In a report analyzing the impact of the sequester on innovation, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) modeled the impact of the cuts to federally supported research and development on intellectual property development, technology development, productivity and America's standing in the global innovation system. The resulting loss of innovation capacity could reduce GDP by a minimum of $203 billion per year by 2021.
"The budget deficit is a significant problem because it is a 'tax' on future generations. But across-the-board cuts that slash investments in research also impose a tax on future generations by ensuring that they will suffer from a less prosperous economy," says Robert Atkinson, President of ITIF. "We need to take a more comprehensive approach to the budget that focuses on increasing investment, cutti