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ITIF Welcomes Creation of White House Office of Manufacturing Policy and Urges Action On This Critical Sector

In response to President Obama's announcement of the establishment of the White House Office of Manufacturing Policy, ITIF urges policymakers to consider proposals in ITIF's report, The Case for a National Manufacturing Strategy and issued the following statement.    

"ITIF has been a leading voice for a revival of manufacturing and we hope President Obama's decision to create a cabinet level office to focus on manufacturing strategies heralds the revitalization of this critical sector. The decline in manufacturing, especially in the last ten years, was a leading cause of the severity of the Great Recession. Inadequate investments in manufacturing technology and competitiveness remain a core factor in the stubbornly-slow, nearly jobless recover. We can turn things around before it is too late by moving quickly in adopting elements of a manufacturing strategy ITIF unveiled earlier this year, such as tax policies that encourage investment, enforcement of global trading commitments and marshaling the formidable R&D infrastructure and entrepreneurial spirit of America."

Later this week ITIF will introduce The Charter for Revitalizing American Manufacturing. Individuals from over twenty business and labor organizations, think tanks, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions collaborated to develop the Charter and to show bipartisan agreement on a core set of policy actions that all sides agree must be undertaken to renew American manufacturing. 


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On December 12, President Obama announced that Commerce Secretary John Bryson would join National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling as co-chair of the White House Office of Manufacturing Policy. The new Office part of the National Economic Council in the White House and will work across federal government agencies to coordinate the execution of manufacturing programs, develop manufacturing policy and convene cabinet-level meetings to aggressively implement the Administration's priority manufacturing initiatives.