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ITIF Rejects Your "Do Not Track" Privacy Request

WASHINGTON (September 28, 2012) - Today the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) implemented a new website feature that detects whether visitors have "Do Not Track" enabled in their browser. Users who request that not track their online behavior will receive an alert telling them that their request has been denied-a completely new experience for most users.
Do Not Track is a preference that users can set in some web browsers to inform websites that they do not want to be tracked. Currently, IE8, IE9, and Firefox support various versions of Do Not Track. Do Not Track has been heavily promoted by various groups, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the White House.

However, as Senior Analyst Daniel Castro said, "Do Not Track is a detrimental policy that undermines the economic foundation of the Internet. Moreover, while Do Not Track might work in the short-term, it will be a failure in the long-term. It is my hope that with this alert ITIF will be able to remind people how easy it would be for sites to block users who enable Do Not Track, and by outlining how this will likely play out, policymakers will realize this is a useless endeavor. Instead of chasing a proposal that is doomed from the start, they should focus on meaningful efforts to protect user privacy that do not undermine the economic system that has supported decades of innovation on the Internet."

Read Daniel Castro's full commentary on "Do Not Track."