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ITIF Comments on PIPA/SOPA Developments

Amid recent moves by House and Senate leaders and White House statements on DNS filtering provisions in legislation before Congress aimed at cracking down on online piracy, ITIF issued the following statement:

"While we appreciate the desire of Sen. Leahy and Rep. Smith to proceed cautiously, the removal of the DNS filtering provision from Protect IP and SOPA will not satisfy the vast majority of critics who oppose these bills on the basis of mistaken beliefs. Internet crime is a problem that's been with us for a long time, and every measure that has dealt with it has evoked a chorus of criticism, both legitimate and otherwise.

Many of the interests who now tout DMCA as a model of propriety previously blasted it in the same terms they're using against Protect IP and SOPA. Similarly, many of the critics who tout the benefits of Secure DNS have not yet implemented it because of the many barriers that stand in the way of its successful operation on today's Internet. With or without Protect IP and SOPA, Secure DNS is little more than a "paper tiger" at present, albeit a very desirable one. 

We remain confident that the technical measures proposed by Protect IP and SOPA do not threaten cybersecurity, and we believe that careful analysis will show this. In fact, the most credible technical critic of these bills, Paul Vixie, admitted as much last March when he wrote the following on the ISC website: 

"We need informed debate on the question of mandated 'DNS blocking' but we should be true to the facts and the details. Secure DNS and 'DNS blocking' are ships in the night at the moment and whenever the goa