Peter Coy

Peter Coy
Bloomberg Businessweek

Peter Coy is economics editor of Bloomberg Businessweek. He writes on a wide range of domestic and international issues. He contributes frequently to the magazine’s Opening Remarks column, feature section, and cover stories.

Mr. Coy joined BusinessWeek, the predecessor to Bloomberg Businessweek, in 1989, as telecommunications editor. He became technology editor in 1992 and associate economics editor in 1997, before being named economics editor in 2001. He came to BusinessWeek from the Associated Press in New York, where he had served as a business news writer since 1985. Before that Mr. Coy was a correspondent in the AP Rochester bureau. He began his career at the AP in 1980 as an editor in the Albany bureau. Prior to that, Mr. Coy was a reporter for the Waterbury (Conn.) Republican. 

Mr. Coy holds a B.A. in history from Cornell University.