George Ford

George Ford
Chief Economist
Phoenix Center

George S. Ford a co-founder of the Phoenix Center and currently serves as its Chief Economist.

Dr. Ford is a prolific and noted scholar, and has published numerous papers in leading academic journals such as APPLIED ECONOMICS, the QUARTERLY REVIEW OF ECONOMICS AND FINANCE, JOURNAL OF REGULATORY ECONOMICS, KYKLOS, the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS LAW JOURNAL, COMMLAW CONSPECTUS, the JOURNAL OF LAW AND ECONOMICS, the JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND EMPIRICAL ECONOMICS, THE NYU JOURNAL OF LAW AND BUSINESS, HASTINGS COMMUNICATIONS AND ENTERTAINMENT LAW JOURNAL, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF THE ECONOMICS OF BUSINESS, and the YALE JOURNAL OF REGULATION. Dr. Ford is ranked in the top 1% of authors listed overall with the Social Science Research Network ("SSRN"). Dr. Ford has also offered testimony before the U.S. House f Representatives and various state legislatures and public service commissions.

Prior to joining the Phoenix Center full time, Dr. Ford was the Chief Economist of Strategic Policy and Planning at Z-Tel Communications. Z-Tel was a start-up telecommunications provider headquartered in Tampa, Florida. Dr. Ford was responsible for performing and evaluating economic analyses pertaining to Z-Tel's strategic plans and public policy positions. Prior to joining Z-Tel, Dr. Ford was Senior Economist at MCI-Worldcom and, prior to joining WorldCom, was a Senior Economist in the Federal Communications Commission's Competition Division.

Dr. Ford received his Ph.D. in Economics from Auburn University where his research focused on the nature of competition in the cable television industry.

Recent Events

June 21, 2010

We have heard for years that the U.S. lags behind many other countries when it comes to broadband. But just how far behind are we and why?