Debra M. Amidon

Debra M. Amidon
ENTOVATION International Ltd

Debro A. Amidon is the Chairman and CEO of Entovation International, Ltd. (Wilmington, Massachusetts) -  a global innovation research and consulting network linking 90 countries throughout the world. Her Network has evolved into the internationally recognized Entovation 100 of Global Leadership and The Entovation Group – 50 from 30 countries. She’s been featured in notable biographical publications such as The International Book of Honor and the Woman of the Decade.

Considered an architect of the Knowledge Economy as early as 1995, her own specialties include knowledge management, e-learning networks, customer innovation and enterprise transformation. For the last couple of years, her presentations have been heard throughout the North and South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Her advice has been sought by diverse organizations such as the National Research Council, The Agility Forum, the Industrial Research Institute, the European Union, PBS, BBC and The World Bank.

Known among her peers as a management pioneer, philosopher and visionary, she has captured the imagination of academic, government and industrial leaders around the globe. With her seminal conference in 1987, she set in motion what has evolved to an expansive 'community of knowledge practice’ - comprised of theorists and practitioners from diverse functions, sectors, industries and geographies. Her "Momentum of Knowledge Management" – and subsequent "Global Momentum of Knowledge Strategy" - is available in many languages over the Internet. Her books have also been published French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and two dialects of Chinese.

She has served in a variety of executive management positions as Assistant Secretary of Education for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Director of a higher education consortium, was the first female dean at Babson College, established the first industrial-strength management systems research office and a variety of leadership or advisory positions, including the National Conference for the Advancement of Research, the Industrial Research Institute, and the National Science Foundation.

Among her credits is serving as a Senior research Fellow for the IC2 Institute of the University of Texas at Austin and on the faculty of Tilburg University (The Netherlands), IPADE (Mexico), the Banff Centre (Canada) and the International University of Entrepreneurship. She is also the Global View editor for KnowMap – an electronic journal that is distributed electronically to 35 countries and co-producer of I3 Update/Entovation News – the original in the knowledge and innovation field.

Married with four children, she holds degrees from Boston University, Columbia University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she was an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow.