Brett Glass

Brett Glass
LARIAT Internet Service Provider

In 1992, Brett Glass established LARIAT, the world's first wireless broadband Internet service provider as a 501(c)(12) Internet co-op and took it private a decade later at the request of the membership. LARIAT, located in Laramie, Wyoming, expands its coverage each year, reaching areas of rural Wyoming unserved by any form of terrestrial broadband. In addition to being the owner and founder of LARIAT, Mr. Glass is an electrical engineer, consultant, author, and inventor. During his long and varied career, he has worked on MOS and CMOS chip designs (including the Texas Instruments TMS340, the first commercial chipset for the IEEE 802.5 token ring), software products (including Borland's Turbo Pascal, Cisco's IOS, the ThinkTank outline processor and numerous utility programs), computer designs (including the EarthStation diskless workstations), and embedded systems. Mr. Glass also has authored more than 2,000 technology-related articles for computer-oriented and general interest publications, including BYTE, InfoWorld, PC Magazine, PC World, Multimedia World, PC/Computing, Programmer's Journal, Embedded Systems Programming, Dr. Dobb's Journal, Boardwatch, and The San Jose Mercury News. Mr. Glass holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology (now part of Case Western Reserve University) and an MSEE from Stanford University.

Recent Events

March 12, 2008

ITIF hosted an event to debate the technical and economic reasons ISPs may need to manage their networks in the face of increasing bandwidth demands.