Ben Park

Ben Park
Executive Director, Corporate Strategy & Development
Verizon Communications

Ben Park is Executive Director – Corporate Strategy & Development for Verizon Communications. In this capacity he assists in the development of corporate strategy; negotiation of key business partnerships; identification and assessment of major global commercial and technology trends; and in supporting Verizon business units with their strategic planning activities.

Mr. Park began his career working in the financial services industry in the City of London. Following completion of post-graduate studies he joined British Aerospace Communications, a British satellite services company, in a business development role.

This was followed by a move to a development and planning position with NYNEX Network Systems at their headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. In this role, Mr. Park supported the international expansion of NYNEX in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region working on a variety of fixed line, cable TV, wireless and undersea cable system projects. Following the merger of NYNEX and Bell Atlantic in 1997, Mr. Park moved to the USA to take a role in the newly created Bell Atlantic Corporate Development organization with a focus on strategies for serving the Enterprise market. With the creation of Verizon, Mr. Park became heavily involved in the planning, negotiation and initial execution of the company’s first moves into the consumer video business. More recently in addition to analyzing the impact of broad industry trends facing Verizon in the 21st century, he has been focused on the healthcare and payments industries and negotiating potential roles for Verizon in serving them.

Recent Events

July 20, 2011

A panel of experts debate policies to drive technological innovation for consumer empowerment in the electricity sector.