Artur Davis

Artur Davis
U.S. House of Representatives

Representative Artur Davis is an Honorary Co-Chair of the ITIF Board of Directors. In his 3rd term in Congress, he represents Alabama’s 7th Congressional District. Congressman Artur Davis serves on the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Judiciary Committee.

Recognized by the Washington Post, the National Journal and CNN as one of the future leaders to watch in Washington, Congressman Davis has been tapped by his peers for several important assignments. He is the co-chair of the centrist New Democrat Caucus, a group that emphasizes education and technological competitiveness. Congressman Davis also serves as a member of the House Majority Leader’s Advisory Group and as a member of the Steering and Policy Committee, which approves committee assignments and rules changes for the Democratic Caucus.

Born in 1967 in the impoverished neighborhood of West Montgomery, Alabama, Congressman Davis has built a career committed to excellence and the principles of hard work, which have propelled him his entire life. A product of Montgomery public schools, Congressman Davis excelled in academics, including graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard University in 1990 and Cum Laude from Harvard Law School in 1993. Upon graduation from law school, Congressman Davis received a clerkship with Judge Myron F. Thompson, one of the first African-American judges appointed to the federal bench in Alabama. From 1994 to 1998, Congressman Davis established a 98 percent conviction rate as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Middle District of Alabama fighting white-collar criminals and the scourge of drugs and violence on our streets and in our neighborhoods. From 1998 until his election to Congress, Congressman Davis worked as a litigator in private practice.

Recent Events

June 21, 2007

At this event, ITIF released a new report that outlines specific steps Congress and the Administration can take to combat this new wave of technology protectionism. It featured remarks by Congressman Artur Davis, 7th District, Alabama.