Former ITIF Staff

Justin Hicks

Justin Hicks
Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics
University of the Pacific
Economic Theory
Science and R&D

Justin Hicks worked at ITIF from June 2012-February 2013 as a Senior Economic Analyst. Prior to joining ITIF, Justin Hicks finished his Ph.D. in Economics at the University of California, Merced. His research focused on potential spillovers of cooperative R&D in the international setting as well as the impact of funding on R&D productivity in universities. In his current research, he looks to identify the effect of trade policy on the flow of ideas and home-country R&D productivity. His primary expertise lies in using applied microeconometrics to identify causal relationships using large data-sets. Prior to receiving his Ph.D., Justin achieved a M.A. in economics and a B.A. in Business economics from the University of California, Riverside.