Non-Affiliated Experts

Daniel Goldfarb

Program Director
Americans for Energy Leadership

Daniel Goldfarb previously served as Policy Fellow at Americans for Energy Leadership, where he managed an energy security policy project to examine the Department of Defense’s role in energy technology innovation. In summer 2008, Daniel worked for a public relations and communications firm to organize the SeaChange Ideas Forum at the 2008 Democratic Convention in Denver. Daniel graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in Political Science and English Literature and spent his junior year studying at Oxford University. At Washington University he served on the Executive Board of the Roosevelt Institution, a think tank, and published a comprehensive policy proposal for regional agricultural certification in Roosevelt’s 2010 “Midwest 2.0″ journal. Daniel is trained in quantitative political analysis and served as researcher for the Democratic Institutions Research Team under Professor Brian Crisp. The majority of his research and writing while in college dealt with the effects institutions have on decision making processes. Throughout his life Daniel has had a passion for progressive politics and believes that clean energy policy is essential for our nation’s economy, security, and health.