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Colleen Robbins

Colleen Robbins
Chief of Online Threat Initiatives
Federal Trade Commission

Colleen B. Robbins is the FTC’s Chief of Online Threat Initiatives in the Division of Marketing Practices.  Her work includes identifying and evaluating high tech fraud case prospects and litigating spyware, Internet fraud, and business opportunity cases.  Among her most recent cases, Ms. Robbins is litigating the Commission’s suits against six entities responsible for tech support scams that have affected consumers globally.  In addition, Ms. Robbins litigated the Commission’s suit against the syndicate responsible for the “winfixer” family of rogue security software, which defrauded consumers out of more than $160 million.  In addition to litigating, Ms. Robbins co-coordinated Project Busted Opportunity during which a dozen federal and state law enforcement agencies brought over 70 law enforcement actions against fraudulent business opportunity sellers.  She also helped prepare the FTC’s Do Not Email Registry Report to Congress, the FTC’s Subject Line Labeling Report to Congress, and co-organized the FTC/NIST Email Authentication Summit.  Prior to joining the Commission, Ms. Robbins was an Assistant District Attorney in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office where she served in the Trial Division, Domestic Violence Unit, and Sex Crimes Unit.  Ms. Robbins graduated with a B.A. from Rutgers University and a J.D. magna cum laude from Syracuse University. 


December 16, 2013