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Cameron Powell

Cameron Powell
President and Chief Medical Officer
Airstrip Technologies

Dr. Cameron Powell is an innovator in the field of mobile patient monitoring, having developed a technology platform that addresses the many challenges facing the modern healthcare system. Dr. Powell’s company, AirStrip Technologies, has created a next-generation system that can improve patient safety, strengthen communication among healthcare providers, and keep extraordinarily busy physicians in a position to keep a close eye on patients at any time. 

Dr. Powell, an obstetrician by training, stopped practicing in 2008 to devote himself full-time to AirStrip Technologies. Dr. Powell has the real-world medical experience that drove the creation of AirStrip’s solution suite. As he notes, “There is a serious worldwide concern regarding the shortage of healthcare providers. This problem is projected to become worse in the next decade. AirStrip Technologies directly addresses this issue with a system that expands the ability of doctors to care for more patients, more closely.”

The development of AirStrip Technologies is a classic business success story. With a vision of building a system that offers remote monitoring capabilities for use throughout the healthcare system, Dr. Powell connected with his future partner, Trey Moore, through their local church in San Antonio, Texas. A few short years after this initial brainstorm, they fleshed out the idea and built the platform that has become AirStrip Technologies.

AirStrip developed its trailblazing platform with a vision of securely sending critical patient information directly from hospital monitoring systems, bedside devices, and electronic health records to a clinician’s mobile device, including smartphones and tablets. FDA cleared and HIPAA compliant, AirStrip applications are powered over wired and wireless networks, delivering virtual real-time waveform and relevant clinical data.