Leading Innovations in Healthcare Technology

July 22, 2010

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) will offer remarks at the start of a conversation about innovations in health care. As implementation of the landmark health care reform law gets under way, an equally revolutionary change is shaping health care. Technologies are emerging that will radically change how we monitor and diagnose diseases, redefine our relationships to our doctors, make us healthier and extend our lives. The era of more precise, data-driven and effective health care has just begun and there are many questions to think about. How is technology enabling treatments customized to individual patients that are more effective and cheaper? How is technology enabling outcomes-based medicine and providing greater accountability for providers? How is technology reducing errors and improving treatment? And how is technology key to meeting the President's goal of "bending the health care cost curve?" To explore these questions, ITIF is pleased to announce a unique opportunity to hear from Dr. Rob Epstein, the Chief Medical Officer and President of Medco Research Institute, and one of the foremost leaders in the world on the healthcare innovation revolution. Please join him and ITIF president Dr. Rob Atkinson for a conversation about the latest innovations in healthcare technology and their historic implications.