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It is possible to collect data on individuals and analyze it without identifying them, says Daniel Castro.
The U.S. currently ranks 27th in the world in terms of tax incentive generosity.
Portland Business Journal
The state finished 15th in ITIF’s 2014 State New Economy Index.
St. Louis Post Dispatch
Despite the positive buzz generated by programs like the Cortex district, Missouri hasn't made any progress on ITIF’s State New Economy Index.
New York Times
“Companies are recognizing they have a responsibility to disclose government access," says Daniel Castro.
Washington Post
In an article by Brian Fung, Doug Brake discusses the interconnection debate.
Daily Mirror
We need a new approach to climate change that focuses on making clean energy cheaper than fossil fuels.
National Review
Robert Atkinson has proposed requiring heavy trucks to pay a new VMT, which would replace all other taxes paid by trucks.
Christian Science Monitor
The right policy climate could boost productivity growth back to about 2.5 percent a year, says Robert Atkinson.
Roll Call
ITIF hosted an event evaluating the impact of the Copyright Alert System