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Ashbury Park Press
A key factor in the state's decline has been their inability to keep pace with the transformation of the innovation economy.
Information Week
In this op-ed, U.S. Senator Mark Warner cites ITIF's policy recommendations regarding the ICANN transition.
Fast Company
There's a neo-Luddite class in the U.S. that has a stake in opposing technology, says Robert Atkinson.
Two op-eds published by the Center for Data Innovation are featured.
The PRISM revelations continue to have significant economic and diplomatic repercussions.
The U.S. is falling behind other countries in bringing government into the age of the Internet.
Associated Press
ITIF estimated last year that losses to U.S. tech companies could amount to $35 billion by 2016.
The Hill
The U.S. needs to get far more serious about confronting innovation mercantilism, ITIF says.
US News and World Report
Hearables can further enhance collection and utilization of data on health and fitness habits, enhancing wellness and quality of life.
USA Today
European and Canadian companies are using the PRISM revelations to gain a competitive advantage against American firms.