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Rob Atkinson describes how states can improve their standing in the global New Economy, as measured by ITIF's "2010 State New Economy Index."
Rob Atkinson explains New Jersey's impressive rank in the "2010 State New Economy Index."
ITIF President Rob Atkinson reveals the odds of Net Neutrality legislation passing in the next Congress.
The Hill
ITIF Senior Analyst Richard Bennett discusses the prospects for Net Neutrality legislation now that the dynamic in Congress had changed.
National Public Radio
ITIF President Rob Atkinson explains how President Obama's proposed changes to the R&D tax credit would encourage corporate innovation and create thousands of jobs.
The Atlantic
Rob Atkinson discusses with The Atlantic what's good about the National Broadband Plan, and what we can do to make it better.
CQ Weekly
Rob Atkinson frames the need for a national innovation policy and addresses critics who say this would be industrial policy.
The Christian Science Monitor
The Atlantic
Robert Atkinson discusses with the Atlantic how do deal with the rapid increase in wireless broadband use.
Congressional Quarterly
The Congressional Quarterly draws on ITIF's work to discuss the decline in American competitiveness.