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The Wall Street Journal
Michael Milken references ITIF's report, "The Atlantic Century," in calling for increased government investment in biomedical R&D.
Financial Times
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski quotes ITIF's report, "The Atlantic Century," in his remarks on Universal Service reform.
Christian Science Monitor
ITIF Research Fellow Scott Andes describes the impact of a hypothetical shutdown of the internet in the United States.
The Washington Times
Rob Atkinson explains how bandwidth-clogging pirated content imposes a "tax" on all Americans.
The New York Times
Rob Atkinson reminds us that the United States employed a robust innovation policy to address the Japanese economic challenge in the 1980s.
Financial Times
Rob Atkinson dispels any optimism about the "relative decline" of U.S. technological innovation and competitiveness.
San Francisco Chronicle
Rob Atkinson argues that the U.S. will have to find the political will to end the partisan gridlock in order to effectively implement the national innovation and competitiveness strategy.
National Journal
Rob Atkinson welcomes the passage of the America COMPETES Act.
The Commerce Department cites the ITIF report "The Internet Economy 25 Years After .Com" in its new report on internet privacy.
"Ecocentric" blogger Bryan Walsh describes the current debate about transitioning the U.S. to a cleaner energy economy.