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Some of America’s global competitors may use PRISM as a catalyst for enacting anti-competitive trade laws that reduce free trade in digital goods.
ITIF’s Daniel Castro was honored for his efforts to improve government technology policy.
The U.S. must make it clear to India's leadership that barriers to free trade must be addressed if our close relationship is to continue to grow.
Computer World
The decline in engineering employment is a clear reflection of the U.S. losing the race for global innovation advantage in manufacturing.
Bloomberg Businessweek
R&D will no longer be treated as a mere expense, it will be categorized on the government’s books as an investment.
ITIF argues additional tariff reductions are needed to spur global ICT economy.
Wall Street Journal
An expanded ITA would boost U.S. exports by about $2.8 billion annually.
Rob Atkinson discusses the impact of the immigration debate on other tech policy issues.
Information Week
A BRAC-style commission may be a logical method for addressing data center consolidation.
A bipartisan group of lawmakers shows their praise for ideas on how to reform the DOE's National Labs.