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Christian Science Monitor
Cloud storage systems have come under increased scrutiny following the PRISM revelations.
Yahoo News
The cable TV industry is fighting cord-cutting trends with a batch of ground-breaking developments.
Gannett News Service
Val Giddings argued more research is critical to finding ways to double global food production by 2050 to keep pace with population growth.
USA Today
U.S. cloud providers could lose as much as $35 billion over the next three years as Europeans shy away from cloud services with suspect privacy safeguards
The Guardian
Some U.S. companies have indicated they have already lost business due to the PRISM revelations.
Continued fallout from the PRISM revelations furthers fears of consumer backlash.
San Francisco Chronicle
ITIF predicts U.S. companies could lose 10%-20% of global cloud business over the next 3 years.
Bloomberg Businessweek
“Many foreign customers are now deciding whether the risks of storing data with a US company are worth the benefits," says Daniel Castro
Washington Post
PRISM “will likely have an immediate and lasting impact on the competitiveness of the U.S. cloud computing industry,” says Daniel Castro.
Wall Street Journal
In this op-ed, former Commerce Undersecretary Ev Ehrlich site’s ITIF’s latest research on broadband performance.