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The Washington Post
Analysis of federal underinvestment in energy R&D using ITIF's Energy Innovation Tracker.
The Wall Street Journal
According to the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, 20 million miles of fiber were laid in America last year.
The targeting of Apple may be part of a policy that China has adopted to favor homegrown companies, argues Rob Atkinson.
The New York Times
Rob Atkinson points out that China is rapidly ramping up its research spending. “The Chinese have the ability to throw a lot of resources at this, and some will stick to the wall,” he says.
Inter-American Dialogues
Inter-American Dialogues interviews Senior Analyst Daniel Castro on pending telecom reforms and their benefits in Mexico.
USA Today
ITIF President Rob Atkinson reflected on Chairman Genachowski's tenure, noting more than 96% of the U.S. has access to wired broadband since his term.
Technology Review
Rob Atkinson praised the FCC’s National Broadband Plan and other initiatives led by Genachowski and cited his “leading role in spurring tremendous advances in broadband innovation and the Internet economy.”
ITIF President Rob Atkinson, speaking at a Politico Pro event, said the Marketplace Fairness Act bill doesn't need to be watered down to appease some parties.
The Economist
Rob Atkinson is troubled by a number of related trends. America’s tax credit for R&D is relatively stingy, he notes, offsetting just 6% of the amount companies invest, compared with 14% in China and 29% in Denmark.