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The Hill
In this op-ed, former Obama Administration official Chris Finan sites ITIF’s report on the impact of PRISM on the cloud computing industry.
The Guardian
Attempts to boost the clean economy through price supports may slow the pace of innovation.
Robert Atkinson discusses growing advocacy efforts by tech firms in Washington.
New York Times
Between 2000 and 2011, on average, 17 manufacturers closed up shop every day across the country.
U.S. News and World Report
Online piracy is a growing economic and public policy issue that must be addressed.
The only problem with the “robots are killing jobs” argument is that it is completely wrong.
The Hill
Senator Orrin Hatch discussed the continued issue of online piracy at an ITIF policy briefing on Capitol Hill Sept. 17.
Roll Call
ITIF’s Matthew Stepp discusses his MTP initiative Energy innovation Across America.
The Economist
The recent NSA revelations could have dire consequences for the Internet economy.
Washington Times
“These are exactly the types of repercussions that we feared would happen when the NSA leaks first came out,” says ITIF’s Daniel Castro.