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Knoxville News-Sentinel
“DOE and the national labs should add ‘going local’ to their mission to turn today’s cutting-edge science into tomorrow’s breakthrough innovation,” says Matthew Stepp.
Tech Republic
Federal investments in R&D at universities lead directly to private sector spinoffs that have collectively generated hundreds of billions in economic value.
Washington Post
Health care's goal is to save lives, this should be the starting point regarding the discussion surrounding the use of health data, says Daniel Castro.
New York Times
Modi seems to be the most business-friendly prime minister in India’s recent history, but he must take more direct action on trade policy and taxes, says Stephen Ezell.
Chicago Tribune
People are more aware that what they are doing online may not be private, says Daniel Castro.
National Journal
Better use of data could help remedy common—and often unseen—discriminatory behavior.
India’s continuation of existing -and even the promulgation of some new - trade-distorting policies do cause concern, says Stephen Ezell.
San Jose Mercury News
The Chinese market is all but blocked for many American Internet companies.
The Daily Caller
Putting U.S. companies in a position of violating local laws greatly harms their ability to do business overseas.
National Journal
Daniel Castro argues that too much regulation could stymie the many benefits of data.