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South China Morning Post
Expanding the Information Technology Agreement will have economic benefits for all parties.
Christian Science Monitor
The world underinvests in clean-energy RD&D by roughly $70 billion a year.
Foreign customers may stop buying U.S. tech products over concern that American companies cooperate with spy programs, says Daniel Castro.
Tech Republic
Driving down the costs of clean energy is the key to addressing climate change, and that requires more innovation and R&D.
The digital divide has been replaced by a gap in digital readiness.
The Hill
U.S. tech companies continue to feel the financial repercussions more than a year after the PRISM revelations.
Robert Atkinson argues fears that robots are taking our jobs are misguided.
The Atlantic
“Data nationalization” could forever hamper the free flow of information across borders.
USA Today
Contrary to the belief of some collection and use of data is not “Orwellian” it is just good public policy.
Washington Post
Niraj Chokshi reviews ITIF’s State New Economy Index.