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Computer World
The U.S. government needs to renounce the introduction of back doors and other vulnerabilities into commercial products, says Daniel Castro.
"The question now is, do you trust all the components attached to your computer?" asked Daniel Castro.
E Commerce Times
Daniel Castro argues substantial reforms to surveillance program are need to restore the public trust.
The Center for Data Innovation will host a day-long policy conference in Washington, DC in honor of Data Innovation Day, January 23.
Computer World
The case could have major implications for evolution of the digital economy.
Jobs Forum Panelists Call for Revolutionizing Delaware's Workforce
The current federal IT process is largely broken and is simply the newest reminder of that dysfunction, says Robert Atkinson.
ITIF hosted a panel on the policies needed to improve semiconductor innovation.
Computer World
"The entire tech industry has been implicated and is now facing a global backlash," states Daniel Castro
Fierce Government IT
Differing regulatory frameworks post-PRISM threaten growth of digital economy.
E-Commerce Times
Microsoft's encryption plan is a reaction to questions from their customers about what can be done to secure their data, says Daniel Castro.