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E-Commerce Times
Prematurely trying to write the rules of the road for the Internet of Things will likely stagnate innovation, says Daniel Castro.
Urban Milwaukee
ITIF’s State New Economy Index ranks Wisconsin as 31st among the states.
Breaking Energy
Tax incentives can play a critical role in supporting energy innovation, but only if they are focused on supporting next generation technology development, says Matthew Stepp.
The Verge
The real choice is between continued erosion of our manufacturing capabilities or a more revolutionary transformation through technology.
“We want to protect people’s privacy, but there are ways to do that without forestalling innovation,” says Daniel Castro
Tech groups say President's glossing over NSA could be troublesome for U.S. companies.
Business Insider
International laws related to digital data collection and use must be updated to better address 21st Century problems.
The Data Innovation Day Washington Policy Conference featured a review of the Open Data 500, a list of companies powered by open government data including Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
NSA efforts to undermine encryption standards were one of the main controversial issues not addressed in the President’s speech on Friday.
Computer World
The U.S. government needs to renounce the introduction of back doors and other vulnerabilities into commercial products, says Daniel Castro.