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PC World
Paid prioritization could help Internet of Things applications achieve better performance and enhance future development, says Doug Brake.
Philadelphia Tribune
The recent FCC ruling is just the first step in a multi-month process that will include significant consumer input and cries that it represents the end of the Internet are a bit premature.
ITIF has called for the creation of national telemedicine guidelines including setting a standard definition and establishing a single, federal licensure for providers.
Government Health IT
ITIF issues a call for congressional action to spur expansion of telehealth services.
Tech News World
The FCC has given preliminary approval to a controversial new approach to Net neutrality
GreenBiz 101
It is already clear that businesses and cities can benefit from connected machines in tangible ways.
Daniel Castro commended the administration for its efforts, but said the report is a “reminder that we have a long way to go before Washington gets over its fear of big data.”
E Pluribus Unum
“With this legislation, big data is finally coming of age in the federal government,” says Daniel Castro.
Computer World
Doug Brake argues broadband adoption needs to be as important a component of policy as access.
Foreign cloud providers are leveraging the current queasiness over U.S. government spying to grab business, says Daniel Castro.