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21st Century Business Herald
Stephen Ezell argues ITA expansion will be good for the Chinese economy. (In Chinese)
Tacoma News Tribune
Tax incentives can and should be used to incentive investment in R&D says Robert Atkinson.
Urban Milwaukee
The third in a series of articles on how states can develop a thriving high tech economy.
Computer World
ITIF brought together the FCC team that created the 2010 National Broadband Plan to discuss policy successes and continued challenges.
Climate Change Hits Your Fridge
Temperature and weather changes are causing problems for farmers and increasingly straining the global food supply.
Singapore Today
ITIF estimates that the cost for an online banking transaction is only $0.25, a fraction of the $5.39 per transaction at a physical bank branch.
Intellectual Property Watch
Move could hamper growth of digital economy and reduce Internet freedom.
More evidence that the PRISM revelations are harming the U.S. economy.
E-Commerce Times
Prematurely trying to write the rules of the road for the Internet of Things will likely stagnate innovation, says Daniel Castro.
Urban Milwaukee
ITIF’s State New Economy Index ranks Wisconsin as 31st among the states.