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Eugene Register Guard
The state’s decisions on everything from education to tax policy should be evaluated based on their ability to improve innovation and technical capacity.
The government should develop best practices in the de-identification of date says Daniel Castro.
Critics of de-identification overstate the risks.
Finance & Commerce
Minnesota is the top Midwestern state in ITIF’s 2014 State New Economy Index.
Republic 3.0
Beach reading for both tech policy wonks and anyone interested in science and technology.
City Journal
Due to an unsustainable policy environment, Rhode Island has “the costs of Minnesota and the quality of Mississippi,” says Robert Atkinson.
Government Technology
When it comes to big data, if we choose privacy first, last and always we are choosing less money, less innovation, less health, and less safety, says Rob Atkinson.
Network World
“Building the IoT will require massive amounts of cooperation and coordination between firms,” says Daniel Castro.
Daniel Castro argues the Consumer Privacy Bill of rights has the potential to kill a large part of the promise of big data analytics.
Too much regulation on the data broker industry could have a negative impact on the economy, says Daniel Castro.