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The USPS has to make serious changes including closing post offices that do not cover their costs, says Robert Atkinson.
Yahoo Finance
ITIF argues for a hybrid postal system with last mile delivery still handled by the government.
The shutdown has already caused economic problems for IT companies, but a federal default could make those troubles more severe.
PC World
SAP may build a second data center in Australia to meet customer demand for locally delivered cloud services in the wake of PRISM.
PC Advisor
The agency's work against encryption could lead to a loss of trust in the government and US companies.
E-Commerce Times
Twitter on Wednesday launched Twitter Alerts, a new emergency notification service.
A crisis threatening the U.S. helium reserve threatens production of semiconductors and computer chips.
“NIST and the NSA have always had a close relationship, but this was not supposed to extend into subverting cryptographic standards," says Daniel Castro
E&E News
The "maker movement" could greatly improve understanding of and interest in manufacturing as a profession.
CSO Magazine
Daniel Castro discusses the recent news that Netfilx makes content choices based in part on what’s popular on pirate sites.