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E-Commerce Times
Europeans are not taking the PRISM revelations in stride, and that could be very bad for U.S. businesses.
CIO Magazine
For U.S. cloud providers, already working to overcome anticompetitive overseas policies, the PRISM revelations have only made conditions in foreign markets tougher.
Latin American Advisor
In a featured Q&A ITIF’s Daniel Castro discusses the potential impact of PRISM.
GHG Monitor
By merging its science and energy undersecretaries DOE could better manage energy R&D, including the National Lab system.
Mother Nature Network
Millenial Trains Project: This isn't your Father's Road Trip
Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-Va. lashes out at government technology leaders for being slow to adopt cost-saving reforms.
Federal Computer Week
The federal government's "cloud first" policy was articulated back in 2010, but adoption remains an ongoing process.
Matthew Stepp argues any climate plan must include the tripling of federal funding for clean energy R&D and reforms to the D.O.E.’s National Labs System.
Ecommerce Times
Potential privacy legislation could significantly impact the Internet economic model.
Federal Computer Week
Three think tanks from across the political spectrum created a set of recommendations to transform the National Labs into engines of economic growth.