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E-Commerce Times
China's rampage against Microsoft -- whose software has been pirated in the country for years -- has led its government to renew efforts to build a viable operating system of its own.
E-Commerce Times
Apple, Google and "all the major CDNs are already paying the ISPs for this sort of interconnection, this is not anything new," says Doug Brake.
Army Technology
DOD clean energy investments should be a central component of broader climate policy because they offer a path to rapid cost declines that preclude commercial market entrance.
Government Executive
Hawaii and Illinois lead an open data policy ranking produced by the Center for Data Innovation.
States creating new open data policies or portals, or refreshing old ones, have many opportunities to learn from the experiences of early adopters.
St. Louis Business Journal
ITIF estimated the Sequestration would reduce federal funding for R&D by 8.8 percent.
Ecommerce Times
There is no legitimate reason for the DoT to restrict cell phone use on flights, says Daniel Castro.
Federal regulations should address the actual not potential harms of technology.
Tri-City Herald
Federal legislation could help move more discoveries out of the lab and into use in the marketplace.
In the wake of PRISM numerous countries have adopted policies to block U.S. IT firms out of their market, says Daniel Castro.