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The decision ignores overwhelming scientific evidence and regulatory assessments, notes Val Giddings.
DC Inno
Daniel Castro has been appointed to DOC's new Data Advisory Council
E Commerce Times
These new rules seem like a big land grab for the FCC, without any real clarity for the people building out broadband networks, says Doug Brake.
Government Technology
We need flexible, balanced guidelines that allow good traffic differentiation and prevent practices that are anti-competitive or otherwise legitimately harm the open Internet,” says Doug Brake.
High Planes Journal
The U.S. Trade Representative should initiate conversations in Geneva with China about the unacceptable deviations between their agricultural practices and their treaty obligations, says Val Giddings.
Tech News World
It may seem like a no-brainer to do everything possible to kick ISIS off Twitter, but as a practical or even strategic matter, it's not that simple.
Connecticut Post
ITIF ranked Connecticut 9th in its 2014 State New Economy Index.
Science funded by NIH reduces government spending on health care, increases future productivity, and saves lives by delivering cures for some of society’s deadliest diseases.
Broadcasting & Cable
Today’s legislative proposal to enact a set of strict, top-down data privacy rules would be a huge step backwards for consumers and businesses, says Daniel Castro.
Multichannel News
The term Net Neutrality should be consigned to the dust bin of history, says Robert Atkinson.