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PC World
A proposed Internet tax could inhibit national economic growth.
Business Solutions Magazine
Daniel Castro and Mark Doms argue “Smart Manufacturing” can make US businesses more competitive.
Greentech Media
It makes sense for Tesla to pursue autonomous features, because they can incrementally increase efficiency, allowing for extended vehicle range, says Matthew Stepp.
The Global Mercantilist index looks at mercantilist policies harmful to U.S. companies and U.S. workers.
Multichannel News
“The approach is more a combination of the worst of Title II with expanded FCC section 706 power than anything resembling a compromise,” says Doug Brake.
E-Commerce Times
The Comcast/TWC merger should be judged based on its merits not ideology.
Fierce Government IT
When considering regulatory action, the FTC will have to conduct a good cost-benefit analysis of any kind of proposed action or intervention, says Daniel Castro.
“If certain groups are routinely excluded from data sets, their problems may be overlooked and their communities held back in spite of progress elsewhere,” says Daniel Castro.
Network World
The emergence of the Internet of Things is transforming IT businesses at all levels.
A new ITIF report presents a novel paradigm for international Internet policy.