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August 11, 2014
ITIF estimated the Sequestration would reduce federal funding for R&D by 8.8 percent.
August 6, 2014
Automation lowers prices which increases demand for goods and services, which in turn creates jobs, says Robert Atkinson.
August 6, 2014
When conducted properly data de-identification can be a useful tool for protecting privacy, while enabling innovation.
August 6, 2014
There is no legitimate reason for the DoT to restrict cell phone use on flights, says Daniel Castro.
August 5, 2014
Federal regulations should address the actual not potential harms of technology.
August 3, 2014
Federal legislation could help move more discoveries out of the lab and into use in the marketplace.
August 1, 2014
This could lead to further foreign economic backlash against U.S. technology companies.
July 31, 2014
Publishing open data with economic value shouldn't preclude digitizing and releasing data with other societal value.
July 31, 2014
The do-it-yourself economy is transforming industries, services, and society as a whole.
July 30, 2014
In the wake of PRISM numerous countries have adopted policies to block U.S. IT firms out of their market, says Daniel Castro.


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