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Fedscoop |
Critics of de-identification overstate the risks.
Finance & Commerce |
Minnesota is the top Midwestern state in ITIF’s 2014 State New Economy Index.
Republic 3.0 |
Beach reading for both tech policy wonks and anyone interested in science and technology.
City Journal |
Due to an unsustainable policy environment, Rhode Island has “the costs of Minnesota and the quality of Mississippi,” says Robert Atkinson.
Government Technology |
When it comes to big data, if we choose privacy first, last and always we are choosing less money, less innovation, less health, and less safety, says Rob Atkinson.
Network World |
“Building the IoT will require massive amounts of cooperation and coordination between firms,” says Daniel Castro.
Daniel Castro argues the Consumer Privacy Bill of rights has the potential to kill a large part of the promise of big data analytics.
FedScoop |
Too much regulation on the data broker industry could have a negative impact on the economy, says Daniel Castro.
Multichannel News |
“The legislation is a step towards ending the broad intelligence gathering that angers so many Americans," says Daniel Castro.
IDG News Service |
ITIF has estimated that the US cloud sector could lose up to $35bn over three years in the wake of PRISM.
PC World |
Paid prioritization could help Internet of Things applications achieve better performance and enhance future development, says Doug Brake.
Philadelphia Tribune |
The recent FCC ruling is just the first step in a multi-month process that will include significant consumer input and cries that it represents the end of the Internet are a bit premature.
FierceHealthIT |
ITIF has called for the creation of national telemedicine guidelines including setting a standard definition and establishing a single, federal licensure for providers.
Government Health IT |
ITIF issues a call for congressional action to spur expansion of telehealth services.
Tech News World |
The FCC has given preliminary approval to a controversial new approach to Net neutrality