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Urban Milwaukee |
ITIF’s State New Economy Index ranks Wisconsin as 31st among the states.
Breaking Energy |
Tax incentives can play a critical role in supporting energy innovation, but only if they are focused on supporting next generation technology development, says Matthew Stepp.
The Verge |
The real choice is between continued erosion of our manufacturing capabilities or a more revolutionary transformation through technology.
FedScoop |
“We want to protect people’s privacy, but there are ways to do that without forestalling innovation,” says Daniel Castro
ComputerWorld |
Tech groups say President's glossing over NSA could be troublesome for U.S. companies.
Business Insider |
International laws related to digital data collection and use must be updated to better address 21st Century problems.
NextGov |
The Data Innovation Day Washington Policy Conference featured a review of the Open Data 500, a list of companies powered by open government data including Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
Mashable |
NSA efforts to undermine encryption standards were one of the main controversial issues not addressed in the President’s speech on Friday.
Computer World |
The U.S. government needs to renounce the introduction of back doors and other vulnerabilities into commercial products, says Daniel Castro.
TechNewsWorld |
"The question now is, do you trust all the components attached to your computer?" asked Daniel Castro.
E Commerce Times |
Daniel Castro argues substantial reforms to surveillance program are need to restore the public trust.
VizWorld |
The Center for Data Innovation will host a day-long policy conference in Washington, DC in honor of Data Innovation Day, January 23.
Computer World |
The case could have major implications for evolution of the digital economy.
Jobs Forum Panelists Call for Revolutionizing Delaware's Workforce |
The current federal IT process is largely broken and is simply the newest reminder of that dysfunction, says Robert Atkinson. |
ITIF hosted a panel on the policies needed to improve semiconductor innovation.