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E-Commerce Times |
Apple, Google and "all the major CDNs are already paying the ISPs for this sort of interconnection, this is not anything new," says Doug Brake.
Army Technology |
DOD clean energy investments should be a central component of broader climate policy because they offer a path to rapid cost declines that preclude commercial market entrance.
Government Executive |
Hawaii and Illinois lead an open data policy ranking produced by the Center for Data Innovation.
StateScoop |
States creating new open data policies or portals, or refreshing old ones, have many opportunities to learn from the experiences of early adopters.
St. Louis Business Journal |
ITIF estimated the Sequestration would reduce federal funding for R&D by 8.8 percent.
Ecommerce Times |
There is no legitimate reason for the DoT to restrict cell phone use on flights, says Daniel Castro.
Fedscoop |
Federal regulations should address the actual not potential harms of technology.
Tri-City Herald |
Federal legislation could help move more discoveries out of the lab and into use in the marketplace.
Fedscoop |
In the wake of PRISM numerous countries have adopted policies to block U.S. IT firms out of their market, says Daniel Castro.
FierceGovernmentIT |
The FAA should give hobbyists and inventors room to thrive and not limit them with overbearing restrictions.
TechNewsWorld |
The latest revelations, says Daniel Castro, "might convince some on the fence that these programs, while useful, do not have sufficient oversight and are overreaching."
FierceGovernmentIT |
The U.S. lacks a comprehensive innovation strategy which is impacting national competitiveness.
Desert News |
The state was ranked first in economic dynamisim in ITIF’s State New Economy Index.
NJ Spotlight |
Competition for innovation-based economic growth has become so intense that states have to get everything right: taxes, trade, infrastructure, and much more, says Stephen Ezell.
Eugene Register Guard |
The state’s decisions on everything from education to tax policy should be evaluated based on their ability to improve innovation and technical capacity.