The Impact of Cloud Computing on Developing Economies

November 8, 2012

While there has been much discussion about the impact of cloud computing in developed countries, there has been little research on the impact that this will have on developing countries. In a new report, Peter F. Cowhey and Michael Kleeman (University of California San Diego) take an in-depth look at the impact that cloud computing will have on India, Mexico and South Africa given their respective policies, technologies, and resources. They argue that the increase in cloud computing globally will allow developing economies to become more competitive, boost job creation, and better deliver government services.  In addition, the growth in cloud computing will bolster South-South commerce and drive more investment in broadband networks. Join ITIF for a panel discussion with Peter Cowhey on the growth of cloud computing, its impact on developing economies, and the policies that governments should pursue to realize the benefits of cloud computing.