March 11, 2010
Video from the ITIF event "FCC Broadband Strategy Director Blair Levin & National Purpose Team."

March 9, 2010
ITIF President Rob Atkinson argues that new technologies and ways of seeking and obtaining information could actually help what we call newspapers survive and even thrive.

March 9, 2010
ITIF President Rob Atkinson will talk about technologies to lower the cost of journalism and other issues during a two-day work the FTC to explore how the Internet has affected journalism.

March 8, 2010
ITIF outlines eight ideas to improve the U.S. innovation system.

March 6, 2010
Going beyond carbon emissions caps, innovation economists are calling for bold public-private partnerships to spur energy research

March 5, 2010
ITIF, Silicon Flatirons and Public Knowledge host a conference on FCC reform.

March 5, 2010
Rob Atkinson explains how the conviction of three Google execs in Italy will have a chilling effect on the Internet.

March 3, 2010
ITIF identifies strengths and weaknesses of the open government initiative and recommends how to make more effective use of technology.

March 2, 2010
ITIF recommends a light touch of regulation and a heavy dose of spectrum to facilitate the growth of the Mobile Internet.