November 21, 2012
The ITU is facing obsolescence but this existential crisis does not justify a wholesale restructuring of Internet governance.

November 19, 2012
The R&D credit corrects a serious market failure and spurs U.S. companies to invest in more R&D, creating more jobs, more competitive firms and a stronger U.S. economy.

November 19, 2012
The neoclassical economic doctrine fuels the misconception that a carbon tax would be a climate-change silver bullet.

November 16, 2012
Climate policy design—be that a carbon tax or not—matters.

November 16, 2012
There’s no need to wait until 2013 for Congress to pass essential legislation. Our global competitors certainly aren’t waiting to improve their tax, talent, technology and trade systems.

November 14, 2012
Tim Callan talks about how companies like RetailNext are bringing the type of data analytics traditionally used by online retailers to brick-and-mortar stores.

November 13, 2012
Prime Minister David Cameron’s speech sets a great example of how policymakers can chart a unified path forward.

November 13, 2012
Prime Minister David Cameron’s November 12th speech articulates a path forward for Great Britain in the race for global advantage.

November 12, 2012
Testimony before the U.S. International Trade Commission making the case for the expansion of the ITA.

November 11, 2012
America’s facilities-based competition model is working.