April 18, 2013
A reflection on the book "Climate Change Policy Failures" and how to best move climate policy forward.

April 17, 2013
Stephen Ezell presented on the importance of the global innovation and competitiveness race at the 2013 Crisis, Cooperation, and Change within the Global Landscape Conference.

April 17, 2013
The U.S. should look at international leadership on electronic ID systems and consider adoption of similar practices.

April 17, 2013
Budget proposals for USDA are seemingly positive but won't achieve much without reform in research and international cooperation.

April 16, 2013
Any effective manufacturing strategy has to include a robust “tech and talent” initiative, which would include a fully funded NNMI.

April 16, 2013
Europe faces a quandary: The difficult fiscal straits most European nations face precludes “Keynesian” stimulus policies to spur demand.

April 16, 2013
Examining the degree of meaningful choice U.S. broadband providers give their consumers.

April 15, 2013
Export credit financing is a critical tool for boosting U.S. exports, boosting U.S. job growth, narrowing the trade deficit, and revitalizing the U.S. economy.

April 13, 2013
Senior Analyst Matthew Stepp will present as part of the 2013 Villanova Environmental Law Journal Annual Blank Rome LLP Symposium.

April 11, 2013
Recap of the benefits and progress of autonomous vehicles as highlighted in ITIF's event.