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The National Science Foundation should create a national videogame-based STEM talent recruiting system.

To ensure the widest possible reach of this STEM talent identification program, the federal government, foundations and/or corporations should sponsor the creation of national science videogames, much as the military sponsored the creation of “America’s Army” videogame for recruiting purposes. The “high scorers” in these videogames and those who comment intelligently on associated forums could be added to the “America’s High School STEM Talent” database. The videogame would serve as both a national teaching tool and a recruiting tool. This can build upon current efforts to use prizes to spur developers to create STEM-based video games, such as the National STEM Video Game Challenge Developer Prize, Prize which challenges emerging and experienced game developers to design mobile games, including games for the mobile web, for young children (grades pre-K through 4) that teach key STEM concepts and foster an interest in STEM subject areas.