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Congress should provide funding to create 400 new STEM focused high schools.

Congress should allocate $200 million a year for ten years to the Department of Education, to be supplemented by states and local school districts and industry, with the goal of quintupling the number of STEM high schools to 500 and enrollment to around 235,000 by 2015. In addition, institutional partnerships are a key to success of STEM high schools. Whether it’s the donation of research equipment, the opening of their facilities to students and faculty, or mentoring of students, technology-based companies can play an important supportive role. To further their involvement, Congress should modify the research and experimentation credit to allow companies to take a flat 30 percent credit for donations of equipment to high schools. Expanding STEM high schools to this extent will make enable slightly more than 1.5 percent of all high schoolers or about one-third of future STEM workers to specialize in STEM.