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Congress should pass the Electronic Consumers Right to Know Act (S. 1029), also known as the e-KNOW Act.

Intelligent technology could revolutionize the way we distribute and consume energy. But to harness these benefits requires a key ingredient: consumer access to data, including historical usage and real time information on consumption and current prices, in machine-readable formats they can share with authorized third parties to facilitate energy control and choice. However, many states lag in requiring consumer access, and utilities won’t act unless pushed. These problems lead to a fragmented market that present a challenge to broad innovation and broad-based consumer empowerment, when in reality innovation would be much better served by a single, uniform market with clear national standards. To that end, the Electronic Consumers Right to Know Act (S. 1029), also called the e-KNOW Act and sponsored by Senators Mark Udall (D-CO) and Scott Brown (R-MA), ensures that consumers and their authorized third parties are able to access and employ this data to make informed choices about how they use energy.