Clean technologies aren't eligible for the same "Master Limited Partnerships" tax benefits as shale natural gas and oil.

The current energy superstars, shale natural gas and oil, have leveraged master limited partnerships (MLP) totaling $113 billion since 2007 to forgo paying any corporate taxes. Clean technologies aren't eligible for such tax benefits. 

The wind Production Tax Credit (PTC) expired at the end of 2013, instigating the usual responses from clean energy critics and advocates alike. But the policy tug-of-war is ignoring the real issue. Rather than continue the stale "expire or extend" debate, it's time to make America's energy-related tax policies relevant drivers of innovation with a focus on next-generation, low carbon technologies that need assistance in penetrating the market. This would be preferable to supporting shale natural gas and oil, which utilize master limited partnerships to reap billions in tax breaks, benefits that are not justified for these mature, profitable sectors.