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The Administration should create a one-stop website portal for business registration in the United States.

The Administration should task the Federal CIO with redesigning business.gov and undertaking a strategic design review of the federal and state small business registration process, redesigning it to create an integrated business registration Website encompassing both federal and state requirements and contemplating the entire lifecycle of needs for small business start-ups, thus creating a one-stop shop for business registration in the United States. In addition to federal requirements, the portal would incorporate all states’ business registration requirements into an integrated one-stop system. The registrant would need only to visit a single Website to register his or her business both with the Federal government and the relevant state government. The redesigned business registration process would also contemplate the entire lifecycle of needs and concerns for the small businesses. For example, it would bring information forward to the registrant about whether there are loan programs the business is eligible for, such as relevant Small Business Administration (SBA) or Economic Development Agency (EDA) loans, or information about lines of credit from local commercial lenders.