From 2006-2010, China cumulatively issued $203 billion in new medium- and long-term export credits, almost four times more than the $57.8 billion in new export credits the United States issued, or about ten times more as a share of GDP.

The Chinese government has made export credit financing a focal point of its nation's export promotion strategy, launching the most aggressive export credit financing campaign in history. From 2006-2010, China issued over $203 billion in new medium- and long-term export credit financing, an amount four times invested by the United States in absolute dollars, and ten times more as a share of GDP. China has supported one company alone, telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei, with a $30 billion credit line from the Chinese Development Bank, meaning that China has supported a single company with about half as much newly issued export support as the United States has invested in all its companies combined over the past five years. Such support enabled Huawei to boost its sales in India from $50 million to $2.5 billion in just one year. China's export credit financing programs are operated outside OECD guidelines for fair competition in export credit financing agreed to by 30 countries and are being to have serio