Non-Affiliated Experts

Individuals not affiliated with ITIF who have participated in ITIF events or co-authored an ITIF publication.

Marc Berejka

Senior Director, Technology Policy and Strategy

Bracken Hendricks

Senior Fellow
Center for American Progress

Bracken Hendricks works at the interface of global warming solutions and economic development. He is a longtime leader in promoting policies that create green jobs, sustainable infrastructure, and investment in cities. 
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John Irons

Research and Policy Director
Economic Policy Institute

John Irons joined the Economic Policy Institute in 2007. His areas of research include the U.S. economy and economic policy, with an emphasis on federal tax and budget policy. He previously worked as the Director of Tax and Budget Policy at the Center for American Progress (2004-2007) and as a tenure-track Assistant Professor of Economics at Amherst College (1999-2003). He has also worked for the Brookings Institution (1995) and at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors (1992-1994). Read more »

Peter Lord

Director, Technology Policy

Peter Lord is Director of Technology Policy for Oracle where he works at the intersection of technology, business, and public policy. Read more »

Mary Saunders

Deputy Assistant Secretary for Manufacturing and Services
International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce

Mary Saunders was named Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Manufacturing and Services in December 2008.  In this capacity, she manages the day-to-day operations of the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) Manufacturing and Services division of more than 200 industry specialists, economists and international trade experts.  She helps strengthen the competitive position of U.S. industries in the U.S. and world markets by coordinating Commerce Department strategies, policies and programs with U.S. Read more »

Jeff Weiss

Senior Director, Technical Barriers to Trade
Office of the U.S. Trade Representive

Donald Purcell

The Center for Global Standard Analysis

Don Purcell is a recognized expert in strategic relationships concerning globalization, international standardization and strategic standards education initiatives.

John Dunham

Director and President
John Dunham and Associates

John Dunham is the President of John Dunham & Associates.  John specializes in the economics of how public policy issues affect products and services. Read more »

Everett Ehrlich

Everett Ehrlich
ESC Company

Dr. Everett M. Ehrlich is one of the nation's leading business economists. His firm, ESC Company, combines economic analysis, business development, and communications skills to solve a wide range of business problems. ESC's diverse clientele have included leading firms in the financial, accounting, pharmaceutical, automotive, and other industries, and such diverse organizations as the Pew Center for Global Climate Change and the Major League Baseball Players Association. Read more »

Gary Hufbauer

Reginald Jones Senior Fellow
Peterson Institute for International Economics

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