Non-Affiliated Experts

Individuals not affiliated with ITIF who have participated in ITIF events or co-authored an ITIF publication.

Alan Lotvin


As president of ICORE, Alan Lotvin is responsible for strategy, sales and business development of all divisions within the company. Previously, Alan served as senior vice president, oncology services for Magellan/ICORE Healthcare. In this role, he was responsible for all oncology activities within the oncology benefit management division.

Alan received his master of arts, medical informatics from Columbia University, his doctor of medicine from State University of New York-Health Sciences Center and his bachelor of science from State University of New York.

Larry Irving

President and CEO
Irving Information Group
Larry Irving, a technology strategist, is the President of the Irving Information Group, a consulting firm providing strategic planning and market development services to international telecommunications and information technology companies. Irving is also the Co-Chair of the Internet Innovation Alliance. Prior to forming the Irving Information Group, in October 1999, Mr.

Barry LePatner

LePatner & Associates

Barry B. LePatner is the founder of the New York City-based law firm LePatner & Associates LLP. For three decades, he has been prominent as an advisor on business and legal issues affecting the real estate, design, and construction industries. He is head of the law firm that has grown to become widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading advisors to corporate and institutional clients, real estate owners, and design professionals.
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Stefan Popoveniuc

Doctoral Student
George Washington University
Stefan Popoveniuc is a doctoral student at George Washington University, working on computer security and privacy in general and on electronic voting in particular. He has fully implemented a couple of voting systems, Scantegrity and PunchScan being two of them. Before coming to GWU, Stefan received a BS in Computer Science from Politehnica University, Bucharest, Romania. Stefan is a member of the winning VoComp team, PunchScan.

Aleks Essex

PhD Student
University of Ottawa
Aleks Essex is a PhD student at the University of Ottawa's School of Information Technology and Engineering. He is a member of the Punchscan team, which won first place at the intercollegiate voting systems competition VoComp in 2007. Aside from his research contributions to voting, Mr. Essex works in the fields of information security, cryptography and engineering design.

Jeremy Clark

PhD Student
University of Waterloo
Jeremy Clark is a PhD student at the University of Waterloo's Center for Applied Cryptographic Research. He is a member of the Punchscan team, which won first place at the intercollegiate voting systems competition VoComp in 2007. Aside from his research contributions to voting, Mr. Clark has worked on online anonymity networks, usability, economics of information security, and cryptography.

Richard Carback

Graduate Student
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Richard Carback is a graduate student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) in the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (CSEE). He is a member of the team that implemented the Punchscan voting system, which won first place at the intercollegiate voting systems competition, VoComp, in 2007. He studies computer security topics with the Cyber Defense Lab at UMBC. His current research efforts focus on end-to-end voting systems, but he has broad interests in many areas of computer security.

Juan Gilbert

T-SYS Distinguished Associate Professor
Auburn University

Dr. Juan E. Gilbert is the T-SYS Distinguished Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Department and a Center for Governmental Services Fellow at Auburn University where he directs the Human-Centered Computing (HCC) Lab. Dr. Gilbert's research expertise covers Usability, Interface Design, Advanced Learning Technologies, and Data Mining. He has published more than 50 articles, given more than 100 talks and obtained more than $2 million dollars in research funding in his seven years at Auburn. Dr. Read more »

Alec Yasinsac

Florida State University Security and Assurance in Information Technology Laboratory
850 644 6407

Dr. Alec Yasinsac is a Co-founder and Co-Director of The Security and Assurance in Information Security (SAIT) Laboratory and an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Florida State University. He has twenty nine years experience in application development, mainframe operating systems, and network engineering and has published over fifty refereed workshop, conference, and journal papers on information security. He received his doctorate from the University of Virginia where he was on faculty as the Marine Officer Instructor and his advisor was Bill Wulf. Read more »

Brett Glass

LARIAT Internet Service Provider

In 1992, Brett Glass established LARIAT, the world's first wireless broadband Internet service provider as a 501(c)(12) Internet co-op and took it private a decade later at the request of the membership. LARIAT, located in Laramie, Wyoming, expands its coverage each year, reaching areas of rural Wyoming unserved by any form of terrestrial broadband. In addition to being the owner and founder of LARIAT, Mr. Glass is an electrical engineer, consultant, author, and inventor. Read more »

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