Globalization-related issues.

Technology: A Dip in the Valley

Financial Times
Rob Atkinson dispels any optimism about the "relative decline" of U.S. technological innovation and competitiveness.

China’s Reverse Robin Hood: Stealing Intellectual Property from the Poor

January 19, 2011
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Some advocates of developing countries contend that too often intellectual property law enforcement keeps developing countries from acquiring drugs or other IP-based technologies critical to overcoming barriers to growth. Some go so far as to say that tough IP laws are nothing more than a sinister way to keep rich countries rich and let poor countries stay poor. China is among the countries that argue that they are poor and that technology transfer (much of it forced or stolen) is an integral part of their development strategy. Yet Chinese firms steal IP not only from rich nations, but also from countries far poorer. In this post, Scott Andes reports from Ghana on how China's IP theft hurts the poor.

U.S. Slipping as an Innovation Leader

San Francisco Chronicle
Rob Atkinson argues that the U.S. will have to find the political will to end the partisan gridlock in order to effectively implement the national innovation and competitiveness strategy.

"Bridges": The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Innovation Policy

December 21, 2010
An audio reading of ITIF Senior Analyst Stephen Ezell's article in "Bridges," the Austrian Embassy Office of Science and Technology Policy's magazine.

The Winter 2010 issue of Bridges, the Austrian Embassy Office of Science and Technology Policy's magazine, features a summary of ITIF's recent survey of innovation policies employed by countries around the world, The Good, the Bad and Ugly and the Self-destructive) of Innovation Policy. This groundbreaking report urges action to thwart the growing innovation mercantilism practiced by some countries, and to move the world towards a more principled basis of competition. Read more »