The Internet is Not Harming You. Here’s What’s Harming You: Fear Mongering About the Internet

Fast Company
There's a neo-Luddite class in the U.S. that has a stake in opposing technology, says Robert Atkinson.

Leveraging ICTs to Bolster European Productivity and Economic Growth

October 3, 2014
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While most economists and pundits focus on Europe’s lag in ICT-producing industries, the greater concern is how much the Continent trails the United States in ICT usage and adoption. This is because, at the economy level, more than 80 percent of the benefits of technology come from its consumption, while just 20 percent come from its production. In fact, a major reason why European productivity levels trail those of the United States is that European enterprises, governments, and other organizations trail their American counterparts in ICT investment, usage, and adoption.

Worry About Slow Productivity Growth, Not Fast Productivity Growth

August 14, 2014
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A recent report on US productivity growth confirms that we need more proactive public policies that encourage investment and growth. While many see new technology as responsible for high unemployment now or in the future, the truth is close to the opposite. Employment growth requires new investment and new investment goes hand in hand with productivity growth.

Pew! Pew! Robots Will Be in Our Workplaces by 2025, but Will We?

Automation lowers prices which increases demand for goods and services, which in turn creates jobs, says Robert Atkinson.

When Customer Service Becomes Self-service

Consumer Reports
The do-it-yourself economy is transforming industries, services, and society as a whole.

After the End of the Innovation Era

July 29, 2014
Rob Atkinson participated in the Roosevelt Institute’s The Next American Economy project.

Rob Atkinson participated in the Roosevelt Institute’s The Next American Economy project which brought together 30 experts from various disciplines to envision tomorrow's economic and political challenges and develop today's solutions. In this video presentation, Atkinson argues that concerns about technological unemployment are misplaced, and that the real challenge for society will be continued innovation.

Putting Productivity First

July 21, 2014
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Contrary to the beliefs of some advocates, evidence shows that technological change and productivity growth actually creates jobs in the mid and long term. And given the importance of the high-tech economy on global competitiveness, nations should embrace, not fear, technology.

Technology’s double-edged economic sword

The Hill
To fully take advantage of technological innovation America needs a national productivity strategy, says Robert Atkinson.

Will Workplace Robots Cost More Jobs than They Create?

Robert Atkinson argues fears that robots are taking our jobs are misguided.