Snowden Affair Continues to Chill Cloud Spending

USA Today
New poll indicates that 25% of Canadian and UK businesses are taking steps to move data storage out of the U.S.

Could this be the Year We Make Contact with Aliens?

Daily Telegraph
Michael Hanlon‘s list of 2014 predictions includes the continued fragmentation of the Internet in the wake of PRISM.

Task Force Urges Limit on NSA Spying

December 20, 2013
Daniel Castro analyses the White House’s recommended changes to data collection on CCTV.

Daniel Castro analyses the White House’s recommended changes to data collection on CCTV.

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NSA Reforms: Oregon's Ron Wyden Sees Tide Shifting His Way

The Oregonian
Senator Wyden utilizes ITIF research on the economic impact of PRISM in his call for surveillance overhaul.

Tangled Data Protection Laws Threaten Cloud, Critics Say

ITIF calls for "Geneva Convention" to address complex maze of data laws that affect growth of cloud computing and global trade.

Government Snooping and E-Surveillance Call for a Geneva Convention for Data

December 18, 2013
| Blogs & Op-eds

Electronic government surveillance has become a tool of modern conflicts, used, often indiscriminately, to spy on enemy combatants, foreign corporations and individuals, and domestic citizens alike, often with little restraint from domestic laws and even less regard for international ones.  In the process, legitimate companies trying to provide innovative information technology products and services to their customers are facing demands from governments around the world to pervert their offerings for the sake of intelligence gathering. This environment requires the creation of international standards governing the collection of data to protect privacy and preserve the continued growth of the digital economy.

Cloud Use Complicated by Data Security Laws

Wall Street Journal
ITIF calls for a “Geneva Convention on Data” to address conflicts over electronic surveillance.
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