Five Overlooked Costs of the NSA Surveillance Flap

Christian Science Monitor
Fallout from PRISM could be far-reaching, including billions in lost business for American tech giants.

NSA's Radio Spying Could Backfire

"The question now is, do you trust all the components attached to your computer?" asked Daniel Castro.

Tech Policy Is Not a Religion

January 14, 2014
| Blogs & Op-eds

"Digital libertarians" and "digital technocrats" want us to believe their way is the truth and the light. Unfortunately, neither theory, by itself, provides all the answers necessary for policymakers to make the best decisions.

Canada Trying to Lure Google, Facebook Operations to Keep Data Away from NSA Spying

Wall Street Journal
The Canadian government is utilizing the PRISM revelations to enhance efforts to entice Silicon Valley giants to build facilities in Canada.

Canada Courting U.S. Web Giants in Wake of NSA Spy Scandal

Toronto Star
U.S. industry stands to lose billions as companies spooked by security leaks seek to store personal data outside U.S.

Snowden Affair Continues to Chill Cloud Spending

USA Today
New poll indicates that 25% of Canadian and UK businesses are taking steps to move data storage out of the U.S.

Could this be the Year We Make Contact with Aliens?

Daily Telegraph
Michael Hanlon‘s list of 2014 predictions includes the continued fragmentation of the Internet in the wake of PRISM.

Task Force Urges Limit on NSA Spying

December 20, 2013
Daniel Castro analyses the White House’s recommended changes to data collection on CCTV.

Daniel Castro analyses the White House’s recommended changes to data collection on CCTV.

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NSA Reforms: Oregon's Ron Wyden Sees Tide Shifting His Way

The Oregonian
Senator Wyden utilizes ITIF research on the economic impact of PRISM in his call for surveillance overhaul.
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